Biomass Pellet Plant

PALHAN provides a complete solution for production, right from grinding the biomass in a biomass pellet plant / wood to manufacturing the best quality pellets.

The use of biomass energy through biomass pellet plant over the fossil fuels leads to reduction in the carbon emission in the environment. Our planet earth is also protected from being affected by the hazards of global warming by the use of renewable sources of energy

Several raw materials are used to conversion of biomass into useful forms of pellets which can be used to generate heat. The variety of raw materials include...

  • Wood, saw dust and wood chips
  • Agri waste - Groundnuts shells, stalks, corncob etc.
  • Straw, bagasse etc.

Advantages of biomass / wood pelleting are:

  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Environment friendly
  • Better storage and handling capability
  • Homogeneity for efficient burning
  • C02 neutral fuel
Mini Pellet Making Plant